Bots and Other Dead by Daylight Mobile Features Could Come to the Core Game

Dead by Daylight Mobile has some features exclusive to that version that players coming from consoles or the PC platforms may not be used to, but that doesn't mean those features couldn't one day be added to the core game as well. From bots to a new Bloodmarket system, Behaviour Interactive said it would look for ways to incorporate Dead by Daylight Mobile's features into the base game if these sorts of features end up being received exceptionally well by the community. The creators of Dead by Daylight and the mobile port said they'd evaluate what can be done with these sorts of features in the future.

Behaviour Interactive spoke to ahead of the mobile release of Dead by Daylight which is available for all mobile platforms as of April 16th. We talked about some of the mobile version's features that include bots to replace human players in certain situations, a Bloodmarket system and Free Ticket system that are both excellent for introducing new players to the game, and Super Mystery Boxes which contain random rewards at the expense of Bloodpoints, the in-game currency acquired through playing Dead by Daylight. When asked whether these sorts of features could be incorporated into the base game, game director Mathieu Cote said Behaviour Interactive is open to the idea.

"Well, the idea for us is the try to maximize what we get out of the work that we create for ourselves," Cote said. "So if we create something specifically for mobile and it ends up being something really, really cool that people get excited about, we'll of course try to find a way to put that on every platform if it makes sense for the platform."

Asking about bots specifically, Cote said those offer something specific to the mobile version but said Behaviour would "probably run some tests" on the feature. He said Behaviour wants to be careful not to turn Dead by Daylight into a single-player game which could happen if you used bots and the main game's Kill Your Friends mode with one another.

As for the other features, Cote said it'll depend on how they impact the game and the community once more players start experiencing them now that Dead by Daylight Mobile is available.


"But things like the Bloodmarket changes and all of these little tweaks, once the game is live, once it's in the hand of millions of people and they play for a little bit, we'll have a better idea of how it actually enhances the game and how it could actually be converted into the rest of the platforms," Cote said. "But yeah, it's absolutely something that we keep in mind. We want to make sure that we reuse as much of the work as we can."

Dead by Daylight Mobile is now available on mobile platforms.