New Dead by Daylight Feature Will Save You Lots of Time

Dead by Daylight's got another update coming soon, and this one is adding something that players have been requesting for a while now. The feature in question is an option within the Bloodwebs for different Killers and Survivors that would allow a player to have the Bloodweb automatically purchase different nodes within its available options so that players don't have to click on each individual thing that they want to buy. This means less time spent looking at the Bloodweb's nodes that you were going to have to click on anyway which is beneficial when you already know what's worth getting and what's not and just want to move onto the next Bloodweb as quickly as possible.

The new feature was teased this week on social media with Behaviour Interactive showing off a hint of what's to come in a static image. After that, another teaser was shared afterwards that showed a video of the feature in action. By hovering over a center node in the Bloodweb, you'll see a new option that says "Automatic Purchase." By selecting that, you'll see the Bloodweb nodes either bought up or greyed out accordingly without you having to do anything else.

"Automatic Purchase will prioritize Perks, if available," a preview of the new feature explained. "Otherwise, it will purchase nodes nearest the center, cheapest nodes first."

Of course, players have already been suggesting ways that this feature could be improved even further. Could it move a bit faster or complete everything instantly and only show players what they've gained from it in a post-web results sort of screen? Perhaps it could, and that's the exact kind of thing that players have been suggesting.

Another proposed change is to make it so that the nodes can be bought with a single press of a button instead of having to hold down the input to purchase whatever the item is. The push-to-purchase method is something we see more frequently when the product involves a currency that equates to real-world money, but since Bloodpoints are in-game only and are what are used in the Bloodweb, that doesn't seem too outlandish a request. The Dead by Daylight Twitter account responded to that suggestion with an emoji suggesting the change was on Behaviour's radar, though the response shouldn't necessarily be taken as a commitment that this will happen.