Dead by Daylight Update Improves Bots and More, Patch Notes Revealed

Dead by Daylight's latest update went live this Tuesday, and it's full of changes to look over. Not changes that impact things like balance and the meta, however, but changes that deal primarily with the bots as well as a number of other areas being affected by bugs that should now be resolved. The patch notes are lengthy, so if there's a specific bug that's been bugging you lately, there's a good chance that you might see it resolved here in this week's update.

Outside of the bugfixes, there was one other small change that deals with the new Killer, The Skull Merchant. Her UI has been updated slightly in regards to her power that allows her to surveil areas with automated drones, but other than that, it's all bugfixes.

You can see those changes below in the patch notes:

Archives & Challenges

  • Fixed an issue where the "Glyph Graduate" Yellow Glyph challenges were not recognizing the Player's input within a good skill check zone.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Near Miss" challenge could gain progress if the Killer's attack missed a Survivor from a distance greater than the intended 5 meters.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Gruesome" challenge would gain two (2) points of progress instead of one (1) during the End-Game Collapse.
  • This fix also addresses other Hook action challenges that gained double progress during the End-Game Collapse.


  • Fixed an issue with The Spirit where the audio for her phase ability would not be played for Survivors while using the Furin add-on.
  • Fixed an issue where granted currency and item pop-ups in the Main Menu would play twice.
  • Fixed an issue where the SFX for changing pages using a controller would be missing while in a bot lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the game's audio could be heard while in the Loading Screen before entering or leaving a Trial.


  • After playing a Custom Game with Add-ons disabled, the Tally screen no longer shows incorrect Add-ons.
  • An injured Bot will now think twice before attempting to heal a downed Bot within the Terror Radius.
  • Bots can now use the Repressed Alliance Perk.
  • Bots no longer shuffle at a slow pace while at a pallet if the chasing Killer is slightly far away.
  • Bots now respect Killers more by not getting into lockers while in the Killer's line of sight.
  • Bots will now avoid backtracking to Pallet to stun the Killer, as it often led to an injury.
  • In the Custom Game lobby, Bots now correctly display the Item equipped even after changes in party members.
  • When playing against a Killer with the Iron Maiden Perk, Bots are now more careful about getting into Lockers, especially when equipped with Locker-based Perks like Flashbang.
  • When playing against Freddy Krueger with Add-ons allowing Dream Pallets, Bots will now remember which Pallets were replaced by fakes.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant, Bots avoid loops covered by a Drone zone.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant, Bots are now capable of vaulting near Drones.
  • When playing against The Skull Merchant with the Iridescent Unpublished Manuscript Add-on, Bots now respond to the change in Terror Radius.


  • Fixed an issue that cause the Door breaking animation to play too fast when playing as The Legion with Brutal Strength and equipped Frank's mix tape.
  • Fixed an issue that cause all Survivors' left hands to be distorted when receiving healing.
  • Fixed an issue that causes The Artist's arm to jitter backward awkwardly when she walks into and past a tall asset.
  • Fixed an issue that cause All Survivors' hands and heads to clip through the locker when fast exiting.
  • Injured Survivors have no more crooked wrists when moving and holding a Pocket Mirror.
  • Fixed an issue causeing killers to sometimes be unable to hit a Survivor healing a downed Survivor.
  • Fixed an issue where The Knight's Healing Poultice, The Onryo's Distorted Photo and The Oni's Iridescent Family Crest Add-ons incorrectly revealed auras for the duration of their effect.
  • The Dredge no longer incorrectly becomes Invisible when teleporting during Nightfall.
  • Survivors who scream during the Cenobite's teleport no longer become stuck.
  • The Skull Merchant's Drones no longer appear invisible when in the Active State.


  • Fixed a lighting issue that caused the Onryo's well to look incorrect in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue with a rock that could be climbed in the Mount Ormond Resort map.


  • The Survivor's Aura no longer fails to be revealed by Grim Embrace when the obsession is transferred by Game Afoot.
  • Teamwork: Power of Two no longer fails to deactivate if the other Survivor disconnects.
  • Healing an injured Survivor who has the Perk Adrenaline equipped while all Generator are completed no longer triggers the effect of the Perk Teamwork: Power Of Two
  • The Teamwork: Power of Two buff external icon now properly appears on all of the Survivors using the Perk.
  • The Teamwork: Collective Stealth's external perk icon now correctly appears on the affected Survivor instead of the perk owner when both Survivors have this Perk equipped.
  • The Friendly Competition repair bonus speed buff is now properly maintained if the Perk owner disconnects from the Trial.
  • Using the Perk For The People on a dying Survivor now properly gives the Survivors the Teamwork: Power of Two and Teamwork: Collective Stealth buffs.
  • The End Game Collapse timer now updates properly when the last remaining survivor gets back up from the Adrenaline perk's effect


  • All available Maps now correctly show in the Custom Game settings for players on the Epic Games Store.
  • Fixed an account mismatch issue when using the in-game Store on the Windows Store.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when launching the game on Switch.


  • Fixed an animation issue when quickly changing pages in the Edit Bot Loadout popup.
  • Fixed a layout issue in the Edit Bot Loadout popup when the UI Scale Setting is not 100%.
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip message for unavailable add-ons in the Edit Bot Loadout popup.


  • Hooking Survivors during the End Game Collapse no longer counts for 2 Hooks for the Hooks challenges progress
  • The Hack the Mainframe Achievement now unlocks correctly upon Killer disconnection.
  • Adept Renato and Adept Thalita are unlocked if the Killer Disconnects after the Exit Gate was opened.