Dead by Daylight to Leave New Hit Validation Feature Enabled Indefinitely

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has been testing a new “Hit Validation” feature for a while and has now elected to leave it enabled “indefinitely.” The goal of the feature is to ease some of the pains felt in matches with players who have poor connections where it seems like a Killer shouldn’t have been able to successfully hit a Survivor based on distance between the two parties. A snag involving one of the Killers caused the feature to be turned off right after being enabled, but it’s coming back soon once a hotfix is available.

The problem Hit Validation hopes to solve, for those who haven’t been following along with the tests, pertains to Killers’ connections and questionable hits landed on Survivors. The game’s servers favor the Killer – as system Behaviour Interactive said many FPS games employ – and therefore grants them some hits when they have high latency that look like they shouldn’t have connected from the Survivors’ perspectives. Getting struck around corners or from improbable distances are some examples of when this happens.

But with Hit Validation enabled, the server evaluates Killers’ attacks when the aggressors have poor connections to see if the hits were valid or not. This means that if you have a poor connection, you’ll rightfully be at a disadvantage when playing as a Killer instead of benefiting from those long-distance hits.

“This is what the Hit Validation Beta intends to fix: In situations where the Killer has a poor connection to the server, the server will step in and evaluate their hits to make sure that they are fair,” Behaviour Interactive said. “If it is determined that the hit only landed due to the Killers weak connection (I.e. The Killer and the Survivor were too far away for the hit to land), the hit is rejected, and the Survivor does not take any damage. In simple terms, the player with a poor connection is at a disadvantage, no matter which side they are playing.”

The feature went live this week, but Behaviour Interactive quickly followed it up by saying there was a problem with how Hit Validation worked with The Oni. The feature has since been disabled until a hotfix can be released where it’ll presumably then be left on indefinitely.