Dead by Daylight's Mid-Chapter Update Changes 3 Killers

Behaviour Interactive launched its big Mid-Chapter Update for Dead by Daylight this week to tide [...]

Behaviour Interactive launched its big Mid-Chapter Update for Dead by Daylight this week to tide players over until the next DLC release changes things further. This update has a few changes that have been previewed in the past such as the update for the Killer known as the Clown that gives him a revamped power with several similarly modified add-ons. Two other Killers, the Wraith and the Trapper, were also affected by the update through some balance changes that adjusted their unique powers.

The Clown received the bulk of the attention from the Mid-Chapter Update that's now available to download across all platforms. As part of the changes tested previously within the game's test servers, the Clown now has a second type of bottle that he can throw which releases an "Antidote" that speeds up anyone who passes through the resulting fumes. It's both a boon and a trap for Survivors depending on how the Clown plays his hand.

Both the Wraith and the Trapper received some lesser but still notable changes. You can see all of those outlined in the "Balance" portion of the patch notes below with the full patch notes readable through the Dead by Daylight forums.

The Clown


  • Clown now has two types of bottles: Tonic and Antidote.
  • Tap Secondary Power to switch which will be thrown
  • Hold Secondary Power to reload bottles
  • Reload time is now 3 seconds (down from 5 seconds)

Antidote bottles

  • Release a gray cloud that activates and turns yellow after 2.5 seconds
  • Antidote clouds last a total of 7.5 seconds and are smaller than Tonic clouds
  • Overlapping Antidote and Tonic clouds causes both to disappear
  • Survivors and The Clown gain the "Invigorated" status effect when they touch the Antidote cloud
  • Invigorated grants 10% movement speed bonus for 5 seconds
  • An Intoxicated Survivor touching a yellow Antidote cloud is no longer intoxicated
  • Tonic clouds remain unchanged


  • Party Bottle: Thrown bottles emit confetti when shattering (was Ether 5 Vol%)
  • Fingerless Parade Gloves: Bottles are thrown with a different arc that doesn't go as high but goes further
  • Smelly Inner Soles: Greater move speed bonus when reloading (was Common, now Rare)
  • Solvent Jug: Moderately increases the Invigorated effect duration
  • Thick Cork Stopper: Smaller reload time reduction
  • Spirit of Hartshorn: Moderately expands The Antidote cloud area (was Ether 10 Vol%)
  • VHS Porn: Swaps yellow and purple color of Antidote and Tonic effects (was Rare, now is Common)
  • Cigar Box: When any player becomes Invigorated, they see all other players' auras within a 16m radius
  • Garish Makeup Kit: Considerably increases Invigorated Effect duration
  • Tattoo's Middle Finger: Auras of Intoxicated or Invigorated survivors are revealed to you for 6 seconds


  • The Clown now has his own Terror Radius & Chase music.

The Trapper

  • Escaping from a Bear Trap now has a 1/6 (16.6%) chance of succeeding on each attempt, but is capped at a maximum of 6 attempts
  • Addons that reduce the chance of escape increase the maximum number of attempts as well as reducing the chance per attempt

The Wraith

  • While cloaked, the Wraith is completely invisible (no shimmer) to Survivors when more than 20m away
  • Increased the duration of the uncloak speed boost from 1.0s to 1.25s
  • Restored a missing bone-rattle sound cue at the beginning of the Wraith's cloaking animation (sometimes referred to as "bell tech")
  • Fixed an issue where the Wraith would appear to uncloak completely while kicking a generator or breaking a pallet or wall while cloaked. The Wraith now only uncloaks the necessary bits.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Wraith's add-on "The Serpent" to reset the uncloaking progress after completing an interaction. It will now leave the Wraith completely uncloaked and able to attack, and trigger an uncloak speed boost, after damaging a generator or breaking a pallet or wall.