Dead by Daylight Mobile's Newest Killer Is Leatherface

Dead by Daylight Mobile welcomed another Killer this week with the chainsaw toting Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre added to the mobile game. Known as “The Cannibal” in Dead by Daylight Mobile since the licensed characters adopt names unique to the game, Leatherface comes with a unique power like the other Killers have as well as three perks that can be learned by him and taught to other characters. He’s one of several licensed characters who was already in the game and has now been added to the mobile version alongside other horror icons like Michael Myers.

Behaviour Interactive announced the release of Leatherface on Friday and said the Killer is now playable in Dead by Daylight Mobile. A quick look through the game’s character selection screen shows other licensed Killers, but not Leatherface, so it could be that the character hasn’t been fully released just yet.

Whenever you do get to play as Leatherface in Dead by Daylight Mobile after purchasing the Killer, you’ll be able to use his unique chainsaw power to slice through Survivors. Unlike The Hillbilly who dashes forward quickly when using his power, Leatherface wildly swings his chainsaw back and forth in a sweeping attack that can down multiple characters instantly. Hitting an obstacle with the move stuns the Killer though, so while his power can cover tight quarters exceptionally well, you have to be aware of your surroundings when using it.

Whether you’re planning on playing as the Killer or not, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend some time with him so that you can teach his perks to other characters. His perks are Knock Out, Barbecue & Chilli, and Franklin's Demise, and if you’ve spent any time with Dead by Daylight before trying the mobile game, you’ll know that Barbecue & Chili is a favorite among players and is one that every Killer can make use of in some way. This perk briefly reveals the locations of all Survivors once one of them is placed on a hook, thus giving the user a chance to start moving towards the next target. It doesn’t reveal Survivors within a certain distance though, so if one character is missing, they’re probably waiting nearby to unhook a teammate.


On top of that useful perk, it also gives percent bonuses to all Bloodpoint gains. If you’re lacking in Bloodpoints, Leatherface and his signature ability is the perfect way to get what you need.

Dead by Daylight Mobile launched with some licensed characters missing, but they’re being added to the game as licensing details are reworked. Future plans for the game will see the mobile version getting content at the same time as the main game.