Dead by Daylight Mobile Will Get New Chapters at the Same Time as Main Game

Dead by Daylight is now available on mobile platforms which means people can play as their favorite Killers and Survivors on-the-go, but not everyone that’s in the main game is in the mobile port right now. Some of the characters are absent from the game because Behaviour Interactive is still working on getting them ported over while other established characters are waiting on licenses, but the goal is to eventually close that gap to where major content comes to the mobile version at the same time as the core game. Mathieu Cote, the game director for Dead by Daylight, said the simultaneous releases of Chapters will help ensure the excitement for new content is felt worldwide when new features are available. spoke to Behaviour Interactive’s Cote and Alexandre Rogaume, senior product manager for Dead by Daylight Mobile, ahead of the mobile game’s launch. Both said that Behaviour Interactive was working with licensers to get all the characters in Dead by Daylight Mobile and that the studio was working on getting The Oni and The Deathslinger into the game.

Cote acknowledged that Dead by Daylight had some “rather steep delays between releases on different platforms” when the game first came to consoles. The same happened with the Nintendo Switch release, though the delays weren’t as pronounced. Delays between updates’ releases on platforms have been narrowed to around 24 hours barring any larger issues, and Cote said with Dead by Daylight Mobile, the goal is to have content out at the same time as the main game so that everyone can take part in the new Chapters at the same time.


“We've done our best to try to integrate that into our pipeline and to take that into account so we could actually release everything everywhere at the same time,” Cote said. “The idea is that mobile right now is probably going to have smaller and more frequent releases. So, the content is going to be the same and it's going to happen pretty much at the same time, but it might be distributed slightly differently, at least at first, until we figure out what's the right frequency. But the idea is to try to ... the big stuff like the new Chapters and things like that, ideally would get to everybody at the same time so that the excitement is worldwide.”

While it waits on existing content to come to the game, Dead by Daylight Mobile has its own unique features that set it apart from the base game and are perfect for new players. Some of those features could eventually come to the main game, but that all depends on how they’re received by the community.