Two of Dead by Daylight Mobile's Features Are Perfect for New Players

Many of the people signing up to play Dead by Daylight Mobile ahead of the mobile port’s release probably have some experience with the base game that’ll help them there. But for those who are new to the game, Dead by Daylight Mobile has two helpful features that new players can look forward to while they’re trying to get their bearings in the Fog. These features are the Bloodmarket that serves as a mobile adaptation of the Bloodweb players are used to and the free ticket system that’ll let people try out new characters before they purchase them.

During a conversation with Behaviour Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight and the mobile port, learned more about the mobile game’s features and how they’d welcome players to the new platform. Bloodwebs in Dead by Daylight are where players spend their Bloodpoints to unlock items and offerings for their characters to be used in matches, but those items are locked to the respective characters whose webs they’re purchased from.

In the mobile version, however, the Bloodmarket lets players share some items between characters. Inventories are shared between Survivors while the Killers can share their offerings with one another, but the specific items Killers use with their traps or weapons are still locked to the respective Killers. As players spend their way through the Bloodmarket, they unlock more powerful items. There’s also the option to refresh the Bloodmarket if you don’t find what you want.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Bloodmarket
(Photo: Behaviour Interactive)

Alexandre Rogaume, senior product manager on Dead by Daylight Mobile at Behaviour Interactive, said feedback on the Bloodmarket has been exceptionally positive.

This customization in the Bloodmarket, it's been a huge success,” Rogaume said. “We’ve seen a 300-fold increase in consumption of Bloodpoints within the Bloodmarket in like a week, which is completely crazy. So people are extremely happy about that.”

The other feature is the try-before-you-by ticket system the mobile game utilizes. By spending Free Tickets players earn through login rewards and perhaps other means in the future, players can temporarily unlock a character to play as. Your progress earned while playing that character is preserved even after the ticket expires, and if you put in enough time to hit the level required to teach that character’s perk to others, you get to keep using the perk as other characters.


“Say I’m using a 24-hour Free Ticket with the Spirit,” Rogaume said. “I play with her like crazy and I unlock the teachable. The Free Ticket goes up, so I can’t play with the Spirit anymore, but the teachable is unlocked for all my other Killers which is a great feature. And if I wanted to buy the Spirit later, if I use another Free Ticket, I will be able to continue my progression.”

Dead by Daylight Mobile is scheduled to fully launch on April 16th, so first-time and veteran players will be able to experience these new features in full on that date.