Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Planned for Spring 2020

Behaviour Interactive shared some big news about Dead by Daylight this week by announcing that the game will be getting its mobile release in Spring 2020. A mobile release was announced midway through 2019 around the time that the game celebrated an anniversary, but there was no more specific release date at the time beyond sometime in 2020. The soon-to-be mobile game is currently up in the Google Play Store for people to pre-register so that they’re good to go whenever it’s released, and for those who will be playing on iOS devices, you can pre-register through the game’s site.

The developers shared their announcement with the community this week and redirected them again to the Dead by Daylight Mobile site in case they want to pre-register for the game. It’s probably a smart idea for those who are interested in the upcoming mobile release to go ahead and pre-register anyway since there are community rewards to be had if enough people sign up. Those rewards seen below include unique cosmetics for different Survivors and Killers as well as varying amounts of Iridescent Shards, the in-game currency used to purchase perks from the Shrine of Secrets or to buy some of the game’s original characters.

The rewards are looked behind 500K, 750K, and 1 million pre-registration milestones.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Rewards
(Photo: Behaviour Interactive)

Behaviour Interactive also announced that it’d be working with NetEase Games, the company responsible for mobile games like Marvel Super War and Rules of Survival, to release the game in select Asia regions. Sign-ups from any region count towards the goals though, so everyone benefits from the pre-registrations.


“We officially started pre-registration last summer through our website, and with launch just around the corner, pre-registration is now open on the Google Play Store,” Behaviour Interactive said. “Regardless of region, all pre-registrations will count towards our Milestone Rewards, which will be distributed in-game at launch.”

Dead by Daylight routinely gets new content through Chapters that introduce original characters and sometimes licensed ones, so expect to see that content released on the mobile version as well as the main platforms. The latest Chapter is called Chains of Hate and introduces something that the developers have wanted to have in the game for a long time.