Dead by Daylight Update Will Brighten One of the Game's Darkest Realms

Dead by Developers Behaviour Interactive have routinely been sharing previews from the Realms Beyond project to show what different Realms will look like after they've been updated. One of those Realms that's been worked on recently is the Gideon Meat Plant, better known as the Realm that was added alongside the release of the Saw Chapter. Another preview of the work being done on this Realm shared on Tuesday showed that the entire area will be brightened in a future update, a change that'll finally address something many players have long been frustrated with.

Behaviour Interactive showed off a few images on Tuesday to show what the map looks like currently and what it'll look like after the update is released. Those four images below show some of the most recognizable areas of the Gideon Meat Plant and what they look like after they've been brightened, though they might look a bit different to you if you haven't been keeping up with the other previews from the Realms Beyond project.

Once the redone versions of the Gideon Meat Plant were added to the test servers for players to experience themselves, those who tried them out expressed that the Realm was too dark. That's not a new thought since players have been saying as much since before the Realms Beyond project changed how the Gideon Meat Plant looked, but actions are now apparently being taken on the problem since the Realm is being worked on anyway.

While the playable areas of Dead by Daylight that stem from different properties are referred to as the "Realms," they house within them different maps that players can play on. The Gideon Meat Plant Realm is unique in the sense that it only contains one map itself, so this update will change how players see the entire areas.


Dead by Daylight's Realms Beyond project is an ongoing one with different areas being updated over time, so players won't have to wait too much longer to see the results of these changes. A release date for the update that'll change the Gideon Meat Plant's appearance and brightness has not yet been announced.