Demon's Souls PS4 Rumors Likely Debunked

Just a few days ago, rumors began circling that Bluepoint's remake of Demon's Souls for [...]

Just a few days ago, rumors began circling that Bluepoint's remake of Demon's Souls for PlayStation 5 may also be coming to PlayStation 4 as well. Although Sony hadn't formally announced anything of this sort, the game itself appeared in a database that featured a listing of the title for PS4. However, according to one reputable insider, this listing doesn't mean a whole lot and is by no means proof that a new version of the game is coming about.

As stated on social media by Lance McDonald, who is a knowledgeable content creator, especially in regard to the Souls series, this PS4 version of Demon's Souls was likely one that was created in the PlayStation database purely for internal use by the game's developers. McDonald hypothesized that this iteration of the action game was likely created on PS4 for the purposes of QA testing. McDonald also mentioned that this data that was discovered is also four years old, meaning that there's not enough information here to even begin suggesting that last year's PS5 edition of Demon's Souls would ever come to PS4. "In fact I'd be willing to put money on this being exactly what it is, now that I think about exactly what data was scraped and exactly what I saw personally during the remake's development," McDonald added, talking about things he has also seen behind the scenes.

Even though this news might be disappointing to some, it's also not that shocking. Demon's Souls is currently one of the marquee PS5-exclusives that the next-gen platform has. To bring it to PS4, even though it would become available to a wider audience, would also somewhat diminish its prominence as an exclusive. So if you want to play this remake of Demon's Souls for yourself, it sounds like owning a PS5 will be your only way to do so.

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