Destiny 2 Announces Two New Expansions Coming in 2021 and 2022

Bungie’s big Destiny 2 event that took place on Tuesday revealed Beyond Light, the next [...]

Bungie's big Destiny 2 event that took place on Tuesday revealed Beyond Light, the next expansion for the game, but it also looked ahead to the future of Destiny 2 after that. In the coming years, Destiny 2 players will be treated to two more expansions: The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Those are planned to be released in 2021 and 2022 respectively which shows that Bungie has plans laid out for years to come in Destiny 2, but we don't know much about them yet compared to what's been shared about the Beyond Light expansion that's due out in September.

News of Destiny 2's next chapters after Beyond Light came during the livestream event after Bungie had already shown off a first look at the next expansion planned for September. We only got to see titles for the chapters that confirmed the name of the one planned for 2021 and a working title for the Lightfall expansion releasing the year afterwards, but the team behind the game said the future of Destiny 2 is already being built within the game itself.

"We're building Destiny's future today, right inside of Destiny 2," said Destiny 2 general manager Mark Noseworthy. "It starts with Beyond Light coming this fall."

Luke Smith, the game director on Destiny 2, shared more info about the plans after Beyond Light.

"It's going to continue with the next major expansion, The Witch Queen," Smith said about the 2021 expansion. "And Lightfall is gonna kinda drive this all to a moment."

The two then talked about the different eras the Destiny series has gone through over the years with new expansions and releases ushering in different eras and things for players to explore. The new era, according to Noseworthy, is one of darkness. Noseworthy said Bungie is "all in" on Destiny 2, and Smith said the team is still "completely committed to this ambitious vision." Smith added that the Bungie team hasn't gotten everything at first every time but that they're continuing to work on the game with players' feedback in mind.

Joining Destiny 2's arsenal of powers in the Beyond Light expansion is a new element called Stasis that'll exist alongside Void and others. Bungie said it'd have more to shared on that and other parts of Beyond Light throughout the summer.