Destiny 2 First Secret Quest Possibly Revealed This Week

For those long-term Bungie fans, many know that the Seventh has always been a date favored by the [...]

For those long-term Bungie fans, many know that the Seventh has always been a date favored by the company. Typically their in-game launches take place on those dates, so it only makes sense that Destiny 2 players are sure that the first Secret Quest will be revealed on October 7th. Pair that with Bungie already confirming several big events on the way for October, the Secret Quest reveal seems all the more likely. Here's why.

The first Iron Banner will be dropping this October alongside of a few other added in-game adventures. For those looking to take on the Leviathan Raid in a new fashion, the Prestige difficulty is also on its way this month. With the addition of the Secret Quests, many players that are bouncing around in the post-campaign content are looking forward to seeing what other new changes have been slated since the first Destiny hit.

Talking with other players, scouring the message forums, and our own personal take on Bungie's usual style - here are some of the popular theories as to what the drop might look like for Secret Quest loot, and where it could take place.

The biggest theory that Destiny fans are bringing up is the secret area during the 1AU mission during the main campaign. The theory is that this room will unlock for the Special Quest, which is believed to be on October 7th. A few Guardians have already gotten a taste of this secret room through in-game glitches, but it didn't reveal anything more than a few enemies. If this is anything like the Black Spindle mission in the first Destiny, if the room will house the new quest; it is possible that what is inside will be completely different.

The second most popular theory making its rounds concerns Io. The hope is that though the world quests seen on this planet end once Man of War is obtained, that with the Secret Quest opening up will bring back the ability to continue on for the quest to unlock an exotic linear fusion rifle.

Of the two, the first seems more likely, and more enjoyable, regarding more fleshed out content. Only a week to go to see if these theories prove correct and what else Bungie has in store for Guardians all over the world.

Also coming this week is a planned maintenance schedule for a few key hotfixes, including the ever present PlayStation 4 hiccups. For more on what's targeted and when the period will take place, check out Bungie's schedule here.

Destiny 2 is out now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC release slated for October 24th.