Destiny 2 Gets New Story-Based Trailer, PlayStation Exclusive Goodies

As expected, Destiny 2 found some great presence during PlayStation’s E3 press conference this [...]

As expected, Destiny 2 found some great presence during PlayStation's E3 press conference this evening, and a new trailer for the game has not only revealed some great new aspects for the story, but also what kind of goods PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get with the game when it releases this fall.

In the trailer, which we will have for you shortly, we get a little more background on Ghaul, the vicious emperor of the Cabal that will stop at nothing when it comes to teaching weaker soldiers a lesson. We actually see this in action when he manages to kick a Guardian off of his ship.

But he's not the only character that gets involved with the story, as Bungie, alongside the publishers at Activision, are emphasizing better focus on that this time around, whether you're going at it alone or working with friends in co-op fashion – which is, obviously, what Destiny 2 is all about.

The trailer is a bit on the brief side, but it does give you some kind of idea what uphill struggle you face going up against Ghaul and other devastating soldiers that stand in your way – and you'll need a lot of guns to bring them down. Fortunately, it looks like you'll have plenty at your disposal, with a fair share to choose from.

Not only that, but the PlayStation 4/PS4 Pro version of Destiny 2 will have a handful of exclusive items for players to choose from. It'll be exclusive to PlayStation 4 for a limited time, and then come to Xbox One and PC at a later date.. These include an all-new Strike called the Lake of Shadows, as well as access to an exclusive new ship called City Apex, an exotic weapon called the Borealis (a sweet little sniper rifle) and a new PvP map called Retribution. It's really the kind of stuff you need to enjoy Destiny 2 on the get-go when it hits PlayStation 4. The trailer will be posted above shortly.

But everyone will be able to jump in and enjoy the engaging story and multiplayer that the sequel has to offer. Destiny 2 arrives on September 6th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and October 24th for PC. (Yep, release date moved up two days on consoles!)