Destiny 2 Players Pay Tribute to Lance Reddick

Destiny 2 players are paying tribute to actor Lance Reddick in-game following news of the actor's death. Reddick, 60, played Commander Zavala in the game, a key character in Destiny 2 who served as the Titan Vanguard of the Tower and was one of Destiny 2's more recognizable characters. These tributes have consisted of players gathering around Zavala at the Tower either to pay respects with certain actions or to simply be around the character and other players who shared the same idea. Destiny 2 players also took to social media following news of Reddick's death to share their appreciation not only for his role as Zavala but also for the impact that he had on the game overall.

Lance Reddick was also a pillar of the community. Not only did fans fall in love with his performance of the iconic character, but Reddick also played the game himself quite frequently and would sometimes play on Twitch streams. He seemed to be as much of a fan of the game as everyone else and would share/make memes based on the game on social media all the time, helping cement him as another Guardian. The rally from the community following his death doesn't really come as much of a surprise. It's a very tight-knit community that is built upon teamwork, communication, and friendship. However, it is pretty wholesome to see so many players visiting Reddick's character to pay their respects. You can see just a few examples of this in the tweets below.

As of right now, Bungie has yet to make any kind of statement about Lance Reddick's death. It's unclear if they'll recast the character for future expansions or updates at this time. Characters have been recast in the Destiny universe before, such as Peter Dinklage who played the Ghost. However, that was largely due to Dinklage's availability as an actor, so it's far less of a sensitive subject. Reddick also starred in a number of other games, including the Horizon series, Quantum Break, and the upcoming Hellboy: Web of Wyrd