Destiny 2 Will Be More Accessible To Casual Players, Says Bungie

While the original Destiny certainly found its fair share of fans, there are some casual players [...]


While the original Destiny certainly found its fair share of fans, there are some casual players that simply couldn't get into the grind that it was offering – and it sounds like Bungie is aware of this.

As a result, the developer explained that the forthcoming Destiny 2 will be more accessible, while keeping the hardcore elements that fans have come to expect in place – so it's a "best of both worlds" sort of thing, it sounds like.

Speaking with GamesRadar, Destiny 2's director Luke Smith explained how the first game didn't really reach out more to casual gamers. But the sequel will easily make up for lost opportunity. "I think candidly...I don't think we always knew exactly what we were making," he explained. "We had high level things that we understood. Like, we want this to be a game you can return to every week. We wanted to be a game that was compatible with real life. And candidly, we failed there. Destiny 1 wasn't compatible with real life.

"It became a game that became an obligation. I've described it before - it's hard to give someone Destiny as a gift. They open the game [and] there's a wedding ring instead of a disk. You're giving them this relationship, this thing that's going to take work. Compatibility with real life? Gone."

He continued, "With Destiny 2, [we've] built a game that we want to call you and your friends back to it, but does it in a way that is compatible with your real life."

And while the general grind will still be present, it seems that information will still play a crucial part in the game. "If I only have two hours to spend I know exactly what to do. In Destiny 1, if I said you only had two hours to spend you'd have to go to Reddit. In Destiny 2 you're not going to go to Reddit, you're going to press one button on the controller and the game's going to tell you what to do."

Destiny 2 will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 8th, and on PC on October 24th.