'Devil May Cry 5' Is Capcom's Second Biggest PC Launch Ever

Devil May Cry 5 is now Capcom's second biggest PC launch ever, behind only Monster Hunter: [...]

Devil May Cry 5 is now Capcom's second biggest PC launch ever, behind only Monster Hunter: World.

Since it launched yesterday, the new entry in the beloved hack-and-slash series has surpassed the all-time peak player count on PC of Resident Evil 2, making it now Capcom's second best launch on Steam ever. However, it still came nowhere near Monster Hunter: World's PC launch, which was massive and will likely be Capcom's biggest launch on the platform for a good long time.

As of the moment of publishing, Devil May Cry 5's peak player count on Steam is 88,735, but it's plausible that over the course of the weekend as more gamers bunker in and play it that said number will keeping climbing.

Devil May Cry 5's 88,000 is still a long ways off Monster Hunter: World's 329,333 peak player count, but it's comfortably pass Resident Evil 2, which tapped out at 74,024.

As you may know, Resident Evil 2 sold over three million copies in its debut weekend, which means, judging purely off these Steam numbers, Devil May Cry 5 will probably sell more than three million units in its own opening weekend.

Devil May Cry 5 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. For more news and media on the hack-and-slash game, click here. For what we think of the new entry in the classic series, check out our official review. Here's a snippet from it:

"Devil May Cry 5 brings back the familiar devil that we know in a way we've never seen him before: older and vulnerable. Because of this new outlook, the latest game in the franchise offers players a chance to take on a demon-invested world once more through different eyes.

"What makes Devil May Cry 5 such a delight for longtime fans is that it genuinely feels like a Devil May Cry game. The previous DMC was hit or miss with fans, but the classic combat style mixed in with new moves and a killer soundtrack reminded me why I fell in love with Dante and this incredible world to begin with. For those that have followed this series from the start, Devil May Cry 5 will not disappoint."


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