Diablo 4 Stats Reveal Most-Played Classes

With Diablo 4's first beta now wrapped as of this past weekend, Blizzard has now shared some stats detailing the public's experience with the game after being able to go hands-on with it for the first time. Part of those stats dealt with the popularity of different classes with all five of the options playable at some point during the beta. The two most popular classes were confirmed as part of the roundup of stats, and for those who spent time in one or both weekends of the beta, it shouldn't be too surprising to see that the Sorcerer and the Necromancer were the two most-played classes.

The Sorcerer was available throughout both of the beta weekends for those who pre-ordered the game and those who hopped into the truly free portion of the beta. If you paid attention to the dialogue around the classes across the two beta weekends, it's expected that we'd see the Sorcerer being one of the more popular classes. Players talked about different strengths including its powerful elemental magic and ranged capabilities, and it seemed like of the three starting classes present in the first weekend which included the Sorcerer, Barbarian, and Rogue, the former was the clear winner.

Though it wasn't present in the first beta weekend, the Necromancer quickly ascended in playtime once the open portion of the beta got underway. As it turns out, players really liked summoning tons of skeletons to defend them while also exploding corpses so frequently that it turned a beta into a speedrun. 

While Blizzard of course didn't say what the two least played classes were, player sentiment across the past two weeks has probably already given us an answer. While the Barbarian and the Druid both have their strengths and offer unique, entertaining builds, the gripes about them were the most plentiful. They aren't bad classes, but melee feels quite different from ranged in Diablo 4 in terms of power and overall effectiveness, and when conversations about needed changes took place online, the Barbarian and Druid were often at the center of those.

Of course, much of this will likely change before the game fully releases in June. The two most played classes will probably be tuned down a bit while the ones played less often will likely get some buffs. Blizzard should share much more on these classes and plans for them between now and the time the game releases, so expect to hear more on all that in the future.