Diablo 4 Gets a Funko Pop Loot Drop

The first Diablo 4 Funko Pops are up for pre-order now.

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Does Diablo 4's loot system make the game boring? That's for you to decide, but Funko has the word "fun" right there in the name, so these new Diablo 4 Pop figures should be thrilling. The wave launched as part of Funko's weekly Wednesday Pop drops, and includes a Druiid, inarius, Treasure Goblin and a super-sized Lillith, all of which can be pre-ordered via the links below. 

Despite loot system issues, Diablo 4 has been a huge seller and a hit with critics. ComicBook gave the game a 4.5 out of 5 and had lots of glowing things to say about it: "In a sense, Diablo 4 is perfect for both franchise mainstays and newcomers alike. The lore of Sanctuary expands drastically while the game, story and all, is large enough to keep new players busy. The game is built to allow the developers to scale it with ease with battle passes and seasons for a new generation, but it's nowhere close to being empty. In that sense, it almost feels if the Diablo team packed as much in it as possible into it at the beginning to avoid the feeling of other comparable live service games. Nevertheless, the entire package may end up as the franchise's most exciting piece given it has a little something for everyone."

Diablo 4 is currently available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The Season of the Malignant is running through October 17 at which point the Season of Blood begins,. You can keep up with the latest news about Blizzard's wildly successful RPG right here.