'Diablo' Animated Series Coming to Netflix With 'Hellboy' Writer at the Helm

Following a leak late last month alleging that a new Diablo television series was on the way, [...]

Following a leak late last month alleging that a new Diablo television series was on the way, we've got even more information that suggests the deviously good story is officially coming to Netflix as well as first details on the potential new venture!

With the wild success of the Netflix adaptation of Castlevania, it shouldn't be surprising that the company is looking even further into the world of video game-based series. With the hype surrounding Blizzard's Diablo franchise since the recent Nintendo Switch reveal, now is the perfect time to deploy adventure and now we've learned - courtesy of Variety - that the upcoming television adaptation will be an animated one!

Boom! Studios founder Andrew Cosby recently tweeted that he is in "final talks" for a new series for Activision with Netflix. "It's very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out," he mentioned which builds upon the earlier hype when he mentioned earlier in the year that he couldn't talk about any involvement with the Diablo franchise.

The tweet has since been deleted, which makes this all the more suspicious and exciting!


According to the leak that first hit last month, Hellboy writer Andrew Cosby has been asked to write the rumored Diablo Netflix series, which he himself has finally confirmed in the tweet above. It's going to be a glorious day for Diablo fans.

With BlizzCon just right around the corner, it's very possible that if there is a reveal to be made, it will be made there. It's the biggest event of the year for the company and where they like to make their biggest splash. Since World of Warcraft had its big moment in the spotlight last year, it's Diablo's turn - which makes this rumor even more likely!

Another detail that remains shrouded in mystery is what exactly the rumored series will be based on. Whether it will be based on any of the three games or a loose interpretation of the world created by Blizzard is entirely up in the air. With Diablo III coming to the Switch, it would be a nifty tie-in to have the Netflix series set in the same time. Plus, Demon Hunters on TV. Yes, please!

No other details are available at this time but we'll keep you posted on any new developments. In the meantime, sound off with what you hope to see should this rumor prove to be true in the comment section below!