Blizzard Says "It's A Dream" To Bring 'Diablo' To Mobile

While many gamers aren't very excited for Diablo Immortal, apparently for Blizzard, bringing the [...]

diablo immortal
(Photo: Blizzard)

While many gamers aren't very excited for Diablo Immortal, apparently for Blizzard, bringing the beloved hack-and-slash series to mobile devices is a dream come true.

In case you missed it, last week Diablo Immortal was revealed during BlizzCon, and to say it didn't go over well would be an understatement. It was a giant, massive PR mess.

It started with the reveal trailer debacle, which had what is likely the worst like to dislike ratio for a game trailer, ever. Then, Blizzard reportedly starting deleting negative comments on said trailer, as well re-uploading it to erase the terrible like to dislike ratio.

The following days fro Blizzard were defined with heavy ire from fans across the Internet, in fashion rarely ever seen in this industry. And then it concluded -- at least the initial wave of backlash -- with the company's stock considerably falling. Again, it was a huge mess for Blizzard.

In the face of it all though, Blizzard has stood by the game, and when talking to GameReactor, described the release as a "dream" for the team.

"We're all mobile gamers," said Blizzard's Dan Elggren "One, we're all gamers at heart, but we're also mobile gamers. In the office all the time we're always talking about mobile games, and so being able to actually bring Diablo - which is a franchise which we love - to the mobile platform, it's a dream for a lot of us."

Elggren continued:

"And the unique things we can do on a mobile device is different than we can do on any other platform, so it's just a great time to be able to be able to bring a Diablo game to the mobile platform."

According to Elggren, what will make the game unique and a joy to play on mobile phones is the unique touchscreen mechanics that PC and traditional consoles can't offer.

"It is unique touchscreen mechanics that you have to put into it. It's something we iterate constantly on, and it's something we'll continue to iterate on, but those different mechanics and how they sort of play out - I think it's starting to be more and more proven with a lot of different mobile games [...] I think it's those new, unique mechanics that I think are gonna make this game really play well on a mobile device."

Diablo Immortal is in development for mobile devices. At the moment, a release date hasn't been revealed.