Disney Animated, Game About Animating Disney Movies, Announced

A new board game about the making of Disney animated movies will come out later this year. This week, Funko Games announced Disney Animated, a new game that requires players to work together to make classic Disney films. Players will use transparent cards that replicate animation cels to "craft" movies. Players will have to use resources that mimic the qualities of the Disney Animation Studio – Heart, Focus, Inspiration, Grit, and Teamwork – to finish the movies, while the Villains from those movies will try to hinder you by rushing your deadlines. Games included in Disney Animated include Alice in Wonderland, Fantasia, Aladdin, 101 Dalmatians, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. 

Disney Animated is one of three games Funko announced to celebrate the upcoming Disney centennial anniversary. The other two new Disney games announced were the party game Disney Villains Sinister Spoons (a game that features literal spoons shaped like Disney villains), and the Disney and Pixar's Cars Launch 'N' Race Game, which features players racing the cars from the Cars franchise. A Something Wild! card game based on Steamboat Willie was also announced, which can be combined with other Something Wild! games. 

Although best known for its line of collectible vinyls, Funko also has a growing game line that includes a mix of original and licensed games. Funko purchased the game design studio Prospero Hall back in 2019, adding the developer of hit games like Disney Villainous, as one of their primary game designers. Funko Games also recently announced a licensing partnership with Hasbro to publish new editions of Cranium, the classic and award winning party game.