Two New Disney Games Announced

Two new Disney board games will be hitting shelves later this year. Ravensburger announced two new Disney-themed board games, both of which will be released later this year. Disney Around the World is a game that involves traveling to different lands seen in various Disney movies in order to collect Stamps for passports. Players move faster in their hot air balloon during sunny skies, but face obstacles in the form of wind and clouds. Meanwhile, Disney Villains: The Card Game is a game where players attempt to build the best team of Villains and Henchman by adding cards to their stack that match the color or number of the previous card. Players can interfere with other teams through curses or via a Villain's special cards. However, they'll also have to contend with heroes who will try to sabotage their team. 

Ravensburger has expanded their line of Disney-themed games, adding to the already successful Disney Villainous line. Other recent releases include the Disney Space Mountain game, as well as games based on Jungle Cruise and Hocus Pocus. Ravensburger is also due to release a new Disney-themed card game called Disney Lorcana which will very likely rival Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon Trading Card Game in popularity. Ravensburger has also released several spin-offs of their Villainous line, including a Marvel Villainous game and a Star Wars Villainous game. 

Disney Around the World will be released in August 2023, while Disney Villains: The Card Game is available now at Barnes & Noble.

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