DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 DLC Release Date Potentially Leaked

Bethesda is slated to reveal new information on DOOM Eternal's upcoming expansion The Ancient Gods Part 2 at the start of next week, but ahead of that time, it looks as though we could have an idea of when the DLC could be releasing. Although the source of this information might not be definitive, if what has leaked out proves to be true, we could be playing this new DOOM campaign sooner than expected.

According to a user by the name of @ALumia_Italia on Twitter, DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 will be releasing in a little under a week and will arrive on Thursday, March 18. The user in question didn't provide a source for this info, however, which would normally be pretty suspicious. That being said, they might seem to have some good information with this claim for a rather unusual reason.

When sharing this info on Twitter, @ALumia_Italia quote tweeted a previous message that they had sent out featuring images from DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 that leaked last weekend. Four screenshots in total were attached to the previous tweet and three of these pictures had been posted to Bethesda's website as part of the aforementioned leak. However, one of these images was one that hasn't been spotted anywhere else (at least that we can see) on the internet other than via this tweet. As such, it stands to reason that this user may have received some valuable information and details on The Ancient Gods Part 2 ahead of time, including the release date.

Even outside of this tweet, though, there's a pretty good chance that The Ancient Gods Part 2 releases for DOOM Eternal next week based on previous commitments made by Bethesda and id Software. In the past, Bethesda stated that both post-launch expansions for DOOM Eternal would arrive within one year of the game's original launch. Considering the fact that DOOM Eternal released last year on March 20, 2020, if Bethesda still intends on keeping this promise, The Ancient Gods Part 2 would have to arrive within the next eight days.


In all likelihood, we should hear a release date for DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2 next week when the DLC's teaser trailer releases on Monday. Once that new video goes live, we'll be sure to share it with you here on