Dr Disrespect Considers Break from Streaming Call of Duty: Warzone, Says It's Time for Battlefield 6

Burnout in any kind of game played often is common enough, and it seems like Dr Disrespect is starting to experience that problem with Call of Duty: Warzone. The streamer played more of the Call of Duty battle royale game earlier in the week for his YouTube viewers but got noticeably frustrated with the game as the stream went on. He said at one point that he needed to look for some alternatives to Warzone or else he'd consider taking a break from streaming overall, and when someone mentioned that it was "time for Battlefield 6," he agreed with the sentiment.

Dr Disrespect's stream where he entertained the idea of playing other games besides Warzone and maybe taking a break from streaming in general can be seen below (via Dexerto). Throughout the stream, the streamer looked less interested than usual in the game, a noticeable difference form the typically expressive and dramatic mannerisms we see when he streams. At around four hours and 48 minutes into the stream whenever he was loading into a match, he said that would be his last game of the day and talked about his Warzone burnout.

"Ah man, we gotta figure out some new games," he said. "Like, we really actually have to take that seriously, or I am not going to stream. I will take a break if needed."

The streamer continued to say he only wanted to put "showtime" content up right now and said he wasn't trying to milk Warzone while jabbing at "fake content" and "fake thumbnails" he said other content creators put out. His final match of the day ended as it started with him saying "I gotta get off this game" after being sniped out of a vehicle.

At one point in the stream, someone said that it was time for the new Battlefield game to come out, a point Dr Disrespect agreed with. When asked what he was looking forward to during this year's E3 event, the streamer said the new Battlefield game. He admitted that he didn't really know much of what would be shown during the E3 events and also mentioned Halo Infinite alongside the new Battlefield project.


Electronic Arts has set the date for June 9th to show off more of the Battlefield game, so those interested will be able to tune in on that day at 7 a.m. PDT to see what's going to be shown off.