Dr Disrespect Found a Way Into the Super Bowl

Given that the United States is still very much dealing with the ongoing pandemic, this year's [...]

Given that the United States is still very much dealing with the ongoing pandemic, this year's iteration of Super Bowl LIV wasn't able to fill Raymond James Stadium to capacity with loud, screaming, football fans. Despite the more limited attendance, that didn't prevent streamer Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm from finding a way into the stadium to watch the big game.

Dr Disrespect posted an image on social media earlier today showing himself sitting in the stands at the Super Bowl. However, the version of himself sitting in this seat was merely a cardboard cutout that had his picture attached to it. The popular streamer shared the picture along with the caption "VIP minimum" clearly to indicate that he is very much worthy of attending the year's biggest football game.

What's even funnier is that Dr Disrespect's cutout ended up making it onto the official broadcast of the Super Bowl. Some people happened to catch a quick picture of the popular streamer sitting amongst a litany of other faces watching the game.

You can get a look right here:

Obviously, Dr Disrespect wasn't the only person who was able to get their own picture attached to a cutout at the Super Bowl. Tens of thousands of other fans sent in pictures of their own to fill the seats in the stands that weren't occupied by those actually in attendance. In order to make this happen, all fans needed to do was pay $100 and send in their own picture. On one hand, that seems like a fun, novel way to say that you've technically been at the Super Bowl. On the other, it sure sounds like an easy way for the NFL to make a couple of million dollars more in lieu of usual ticket sales.

As for the Super Bowl itself, the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers is still ongoing. If you'd like to watch it for yourself, the game is streaming free online through CBS. You can watch it here.