Dr Disrespect Teases Partnership With Nike for New Shoes

Dr Disrespect may be teaming up with Nike in the near future. Dr Disrespect is one of the most personable content creators on the planet right now and has made quite a career off of being a mascot for a number of brands. The streamer wears a whacky outfit that takes inspiration from some kind of absurd 80s action hero, sporting a mullet, a thick mustache, and a rather ridiculous pair of sunglasses and puts on a wild, yet still charming persona. Twitch made Dr Disrespect its poster boy for a while, but then the streamer was banned for undisclosed reasons, causing him to move to YouTube. Although he was initially dropped by some sponsors, the likes of Mountain Dew have continued to champion the streamer and he has even gone on to create his own video game studio.

With all of that said, Dr Disrespect may be teasing his biggest business endeavor to date. During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect answered a "call" from Nike on his flip phone. While it is obvious no one was actually on the other end of the phone, it did seem like Dr Disrespect was teasing something. He mentioned something about there being "demand" for "gamer shoes", riffing on how most gamers wear socks but the need for shoes could arise in certain situations. The streamer eventually ended the call so he could get back to playing Call of Duty.

It's possible this is nothing more than a skit or a way to try and drum up demand and get Nike's attention, but it wouldn't be surprising if Nike has already reached out. Nike has teamed up with PlayStation a number of times to make limited edition shoes which were a hit with gamers and sneaker heads. Although there's no telling whether or not this will actually come to fruition, it seems likely an announcement is imminent if something is in the works and Dr Disrespect is already teasing it.

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[H/T Dexerto]