Dr Disrespect's Twitch and Twitter Accounts Were Briefly Hacked

Twitch streamer Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm briefly lost control of his Twitch and Twitter [...]

Twitch streamer Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm briefly lost control of his Twitch and Twitter accounts on Tuesday after the accounts were hacked. Shoutouts to several Twitter accounts and Discord servers flooded the streamer's Twitch chat and some questionable tweets were shared through his personal Twitter account before he regained control. The whole affair didn't last too long, and the tweets in question have now been deleted, but Dr Disrespect didn't seem too phased by the whole ordeal.

Dr Disrespect was streaming Fortnite for several thousand people on Twitch recently when his viewers started notifying him in the chat that there was something wrong with his Twitter account. The streamer said he'd be right back and stepped away from the stream, but not before reassuring his followers by saying "it's just a little hack" and attributing the hack to a bunch of chubby 14-year-olds. You can see that moment in the Twitch clip above that shows his Twitch chat warning him and his reaction to the situation.

The tweets from Dr Disrespect's account have been deleted by now, but not before people took screenshots of the curious messages that started coming from his Twitter. Different tweets asked his fans to go follow various accounts that have now been suspended, sometimes offering a follow from Dr Disrespect's account in return. Links to a Discord server were also shared just as they were on his Twitch account's chat, and there was even an obscene message that was directed at fellow streamer Ninja.

Dr Disrespect appears to have regained full control of his Twitter and Twitch accounts now, though it's still unclear how the incident even happened in the first place. The tweets that appeared on his Twitter account during the hack seemed quite out of character compared to his typical brand of content, though it looks like he's back in form.