'Dragon Age' Fans Are Freaking Out Over 'Dragon Age 4' Red Lyrium Idol Implications

BioWare finally gave us our first look at Dragon Age 4 during yesterday's Game Awards and though the new game is still a little ways off and was meant as just a small teaser, fans have already begun digging in to figure out the next premise.

For those that played Dragon Age Inquisition, Solas was an Elven companion that seemed wise beyond his years. Turns out, he was because he was the "Dread Wolf" from Elven lore. Following the Trespasser DLC, a familiar question that was once posed to our Inquitior was framed once more after a shocking throwback to the red lyrium idol seen in the Deep Roads from Dragon Age II.

Aside from the obvious "The Dread Wolf Rises" caption and the familiar mural seen in Solas' quarters in Inquisition, fans were quick to notice not only the red lyrium itself - but the figure that played at the center of it all.

For anyone familiar with the Dragon Age franchise, you know that the lore is heavy. For every story, there are 20 stories behind it and then 20 different perspectives around those 20 stories. The implication of even more "old gods" returning seems high, however.

And let's not also forget this gem:


It is important to note that in Dragon Age II, we are led to believe that the idol was transformed into a sword by Meredith, but what if that wasn't the whole truth? What if only part of it was used to create the sword? She herself transformed into her own version of a lyrium idol, so could this be indicative of the contagion qualities we saw in Inquisition?

There are so many possibilities here! Let's hear your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!