Dragon Age 4 Insider Drops Bad News on Fans

A new Dragon Age 4 release date update has surfaced online, but it's not from EA or BioWare, it's brief, and it doesn't have a single bit of good news. It seems like every update about the long-awaited sequel is a bad one, and it's not very surprising considering the development issues it's having, which reports have well documented. That said, inside information isn't even needed to see the game is having problems in development. It's been in the works since 2015 and it's been formally announced since 2018. Despite this, it's 2022, and we haven't had a single meaningful update on the game, just two CGI teaser trailers. Unfortunately, it sounds like that's not changing anytime soon, because after roughly seven years of development the fourth installment is still nowhere near ready to release.

At the beginning of the year, BioWare provided an update on Dragon Age 4, but unfortunately, the update had nothing salient to say about the game other than that it's still in development. At the time, BioWare also provided an update on the next Mass Effect game, but in the couple of weeks since, it's had nothing to say about either project. This hasn't changed, however, we do have an update on the former, thanks to Tom Henderson

Taking to Twitter, Henderson relayed word that he's heard from a "source with knowledge of EA's plans" that Dragon Age 4 has "no chance" of releasing this year. Of course, the main takeaway here is that the game won't release until 2023 at the earliest, but there's another, more subtle takeaway as well. The source doesn't just say the game won't be out this year, but that there's "no chance," suggesting it's nowhere near ready to release this year, which in turn may suggest it won't hit in 2023 either. 

Unfortunately, this is the extent of the update. What is here should be taken with a grain of salt given that it's not only unofficial, but subject to change. At the moment of publishing, neither BioWare nor EA have addressed this new Dragon Age 4 report in any capacity. If either or both do, the story will be updated accordingly. 

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