Dragon Ball FighterZ Producers Discuss The Future Of Its Video Games

The future is looking bright for the Dragon Ball Z gaming franchise. Along with the recent arrival [...]

The future is looking bright for the Dragon Ball Z gaming franchise. Along with the recent arrival of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on Nintendo Switch, we've also got another big game to look forward to – the amazing Dragon Ball FighterZ.

With that, Game Informer recently had a chance to talk to two of the producers behind the Dragon Ball franchise, including favorites like Budokai Tenkaichi and the Xenoverse games, to discuss about how the anime has been adapted so smoothly into the gaming world – and, more importantly, what's to come.

Producers Ryo Mito and Masayuki Hirano had plenty to say about the development of Dragon Ball games, including picking the right studio for the job (like Arc System Works with Dragon Ball FighterZ) and what goes into the creative process of putting together a fighting system that works with the Dragon Ball mantra. It also discusses other things regarding development, such as taking feedback under advisement for new games, as well as possibly working with a Western studio on the development of a Dragon Ball game (though nothing is official yet).

But, for the moment, the producers are all about making a Dragon Ball Z game that everyone around the world can enjoy, and FighterZ seems to be a step in the right direction for getting that done, since it relies more on arcade-style 2D fighting, rather than 3D tactics like you'd have to get used to in Budokai Tenkaichi and Xenoverse.

Hirano also hinted at possible future game content that FighterZ will be able to adapt to, meaning we could be getting a bunch of meaningful downloadable content that fans will appreciate, including new fighters that can join into the fray – as well as further glimpses into the Dragon Ball Z universe.

You can watch the full video above, and the interview really does dig into a few crucial subjects, and gives you a fairly good idea of what the team is up to when it comes to all things Dragon Ball. And that's worth getting excited over.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release this February for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.