The Dragon Prince Is Getting a Tabletop RPG

The Dragon Prince is celebrating its 'full saga' pickup with a new tabletop RPG. Last night, [...]

The Dragon Prince Netflix
(Photo: Netflix)

The Dragon Prince is celebrating its "full saga" pickup with a new tabletop RPG. Last night, Wonderstorm and Fandom announced Tales of Xadia, a new tabletop RPG that uses the Cortex RPG system. The new RPG will not only give players a chance to explore the rich fantasy world of The Dragon Prince, it'll also serve as a bridge between Seasons 3 and 4 of the popular Netflix series. "Tales of Xadia will feature storyline content that bridges the gap between Season 3 and the newly-announced Season 4 of The Dragon Prince," Fandom said in a press release. "Players can explore the ruins of Lux Aurea, try to restore the corrupted Sunforge, and fight to stop the spread of the evil monstrosities it radiates. This off-screen story will come alive in game supplements—as well as in organized play events—prior to Season 4's release."

Created by Aaron Ehasz (head writer of Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Justin Richmond, The Dragon Prince is set in a world where elves and humans have been in conflict for generations, with the dragons taking the side of the elves. That conflict came to a head when the human king of Katolis and his advisor killed the Dragon King and stole the egg containing the dragon's heir. After assassins targeted the king, his sons Ezran and Callum set off on a journey with the elf Rayla to bring peace to all of Xadia.

The Cortex system was originally developed by Cam Banks and has been used for a variety of different licensed settings, including the Marvel Universe and the Smallville and Firefly TV series. The system uses dice pools to reflect a character's skills, with players keeping the highest two dice rolls as their result. Any 1s rolled result in complications that impact the story or have other negative consequences. Fandom purchased the Cortex Prime system in 2019, and it appears that Tales of Xadia will be the system's first full release under Fandom. In addition to Cortex Prime, Fandom also runs D&D Beyond, the Dungeons & Dragons database/character building site.

Tales of Xadia will be released in 2021, with a public playtest planned before its official release.