Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly Has Arrived


Don't have time for a proper Dungeons & Dragons adventure? This new version of Monopoly from Wizards of the Coast and The Op can give you a quick fix with a D&D twist on the classic board game. It is in stock and shipping now directly from The OP (USAopoly) for $39.99.

According to the description, "legendary traveler and storyteller of fame, Volothamp Geddarm, is seeking explorers of both the unpredictable and familiar in this fantastical spin on the classic board game. Players will need to capture dangerous creatures of the Forgotten Realms to help Volo research them for his tome, while also trying to come out with the most riches!"

In Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly you can buy, sell and trade 22 classic monsters as one of six token classes - Halfling Rogue, Human Fighter, Human Wizard, Male Elf Dwarven Cleric, Elven Ranger, or Tiefling Bard. Chance and Community Chest cards are replaced by Treasure and Encounters cards, Houses and Hotels are replaced with Expeditions and Bases, and railroad spaces are replaced with iconic locations like the Tomb of Horror and Castle Ravenloft.

Naturally, the entire board is covered in gorgeous artwork. The tokens look pretty great too. You can take a closer look in the video above.

The Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly edition follows a special edition of Clue that launched in 2019. D&D Clue is available to order on Amazon now.


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