Dungeons & Dragons Delays Upcoming Book Release

Dungeons & Dragons has announced that its next product will delayed by two weeks. Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast announced that Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel will not be released until July 5th, a delay of two weeks from its previous release date of June 21st. Additionally, the Campaign Case: Terrain, an upcoming pack of easy-to-use terrain for tabletop combat, will be delayed until August 16. Wizards noted that the delays were due to production issues. Two other products, the upcoming Spelljammer: Adventures in Space boxed set and Campaign Case: Creatures will not be affected by these delays. 

Print runs everywhere have seen disruptions over the past two years due to pandemic-related supply chain issues and a general increase in demand. This is also not the first time that Wizards has been forced to move a book back due to production issues. Several Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks last year had similar minor delays. The recently released Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse also had a delayed print run, as the boxed set that it originally appeared in was supposed to be a holiday 2021 release. 

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is a brand new anthology series featuring adventures written entirely by designers of color. Each adventure in the anthology is inspired by some aspect of the designer's heritage and are all set in brand new settings. Tying each adventure together is the Radiant Citadel, a city-like hub floating in the Ethereal Plane. The Radiant Citadel and several other settings are explored in deeper fashion in the book. 

To date, Wizards of the Coast has released two D&D books in 2022: the aforementioned Monsters of the Multiverse and Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep. In addition to Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel and the Spelljammer boxed set, Wizards also has a new Dragonlance adventure scheduled for later this year, which will have a tie-in board game.