Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting Its Own Nerds Candy

Dungeons & Dragons is teaming up with the Nerds candy brand for a new line of adventure-themed [...]

Dungeons & Dragons is teaming up with the Nerds candy brand for a new line of adventure-themed treat. Starting in September, specially marked packs of Dungeons & Dragons Nerds candy will hit shelves, offering players the chance to unlock brand new adventures that can be played with a DM and a single player. Wizards of the Coast announced the unique D&D partnership at D&D Live this morning, airing two commercials that featured Nerds mascots dressed as different D&D classes. Several of the Nerds mascots are seen wielding weapons, which is an impressive feat given that the mascots only have legs and feet.

Buying the Dungeons & Dragons Nerds packs can unlock a total of six different adventures, each of which were written by veteran RPG designer Kat Kruger. "The story begins in the city of Harmony which has been experiencing a strange case of 'color outages,'" reads the official description for the Nerds-themed D&D adventures. "Rumors are flying around about what might be causing the problem. Will the party be able to solve the mystery?" These adventures are designed to be a good introductory adventure for novice D&D players and are appropriate for young kids.

The Dungeons & Dragons and Nerds collaboration is an unexpected one, but it does continue the brand's push into the mainstream. The game had already seen a resurgence thanks to its easier-to-play Fifth Edition ruleset and presence in popular TV shows like Stranger Things, but the brand itself has grown in recent years as well. Not only can you find D&D t-shirts at places like Kohl's and Hot Topic, you can also find D&D boxed sets on the shelves of local Target stores. Depending on the performance of the in-development Dungeons & Dragons movie coming out in 2023, we could see the game and wider brand reach a whole new level of popularity in the next few years.

If you're a fan of fantasy-themed candies and free D&D adventures, be sure to pick up the Dungeons & Dragons-branded nerds when they come out in September, presumably wherever Nerds are usually sold.