Dying Light 2 Story DLC Delayed

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has announced that it is delaying the first major piece of story DLC for the open-world action title. While Dying Light 2 has already received some smaller DLC packs since the game was first released in February of this year, many fans have been eagerly waiting for a more notable expansion to come about. And even though this expansion is still coming, it will not just be happening a bit later in the year. 

Announced in a press release today, Techland touched on all of the work that it has already put into Dying Light 2 since its launch. As such, this additional work has somewhat put the studio behind on working on the DLC for DL2. To this end, the game's first story expansion will now be dropping in September 2022. 

"Your feedback has always been our top priority. That's why, at Techland, we strive to be as open and as honest with you as possible. Over the last few months, we have focused on adding some of your most requested features, such as New Game + mode, FOV slider for consoles, and many co-op improvements. On top of that, in June, we will introduce the first game Chapter entitled 'In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner,' filled with content and events, as well as the highly anticipated photo mode," Techland said of what it has done on Dying Light 2 up to this point. "That being said, we need a bit more time to develop the first story DLC, which is now planned to be released in September. We apologize for the delay, but we firmly believe that our community, fans, and gamers deserve to receive some truly unforgettable experiences. We want the first major story DLC to meet your expectations by giving it the absolute highest level of polish."

Even though delays are never fun for eager fans, it's hard to argue with what Techland has laid out here. The studio has already done a vast amount of work on Dying Light 2 in only a few short months. If this upcoming DLC pack has to get delayed by just a bit, then the trade-off should be worth it.