Dying Light 2 Reveals New Gameplay Presentation

Techland has revealed when it will next be showing off more of its highly-anticipated open-world game Dying Light 2 prior to its launch later this year. Although we don't currently know what this next presentation might have in store, a brief teaser has suggested that we'll likely get a new look at gameplay from the title.

Announced by Techland earlier today, the second episode of its ongoing "Dying 2 Know" series is set to take place next week on Thursday, July 1. This series actually kicked off last month and gave us our first extensive look at Dying Light 2 in quite a long time. In addition to showing off a ton of new gameplay in the first episode, Techland also revealed the title's launch date, which is set for this December. Techland has said previously that it plans to hold new installments in this Dying 2 Know series in the lead-up to release.

As for what this second episode will have in store though, well, that remains to be seen. In all likelihood, Techland will show off some new gameplay from Dying Light 2, since this is the aspect that many fans who are anticipating the game are looking to see. We'll also surely get a deep dive of sorts on one aspect of the game such as the narrative, combat, enemies, or other qualities that will be found in Dying Light 2. Techland may announce more related to this in the coming days.

If anything notable does end up coming about from this stream, then we'll be sure to keep you in the loop here on ComicBook.com once it takes place in a week's time. Until then, you can continue to expect Dying Light 2 to release later this year on December 7 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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