Dying Light 2 Developer Denies Acquisition Rumors

Rumors of Dying Light 2 developer Techland potentially being the target of an upcoming acquisition [...]

Rumors of Dying Light 2 developer Techland potentially being the target of an upcoming acquisition have been greatly exaggerated, it seems. According to the studio's community manager, Techland is still very much an independent company and hasn't been acquired by any other publisher at this moment.

Traction with these rumors started yesterday when the host of a popular Xbox podcast shared that they had heard Microsoft was potentially looking into picking up Techalnd and making the developer part of its Xbox Game Studios stable. This then prompted a response from Techland's aforementioned community manager after mentions of the rumor started making it into their direct messages on Twitter. "There was the same rumour floating around the internet one year ago and the situation didn't change," said Uncy, the studio community manager. "Techland is an independent studio and it was not acquired by another publisher."

The news about Techland potentially being acquired comes at a time where acquisition rumors have been circling for months. Just a few weeks ago, a major new report came about that said multiple publishers such as Xbox, PlayStation, Electronic Arts, and Amazon have all been looking to snatch up various independent studios recently. Considering how Techland is a prominent indie company, it makes sense that they became one of the companies in the rumor mill.

For now, all we really know for certain about Techland is that it's hard at work on Dying Light 2. While we haven't heard anything new about the game officially from Techland in quite some time, the studio has been teasing that we should start to hear more as the year progresses. In the interim, a new report has come about recently claims the game will be launching sooner than we think.

In reality, Dying Light 2 hasn't even been given a release window just yet, although a launch in 2021 is expected. Whenever it does arrive, it will come to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.