Elden Ring: How to Find Blaidd's Mask

Elden Ring is full of NPCs to befriend or fight, but one character, Blaidd, has been particularly interesting to players. He's part beast with a humanoid build and was used in the promos for Elden Ring prior to the game's release to show off what sure looked like an enemy players might come across at some point. Turns out, he's actually a companion who just looks intimidating on the outside much like Manscorpion Tark from Dark Souls 2. Even better, you, too, can look intimidating like him if you grab his armor set.

Most of the armor can be acquired simply enough if you follow Blaidd's questline as well as the quest of Ranni, the witch he serves under. But whether you've gotten to the point that you can acquire his armor set or not, you'll find that his mask is not part of the set you're given.

While that's inconvenient, it makes sense. Blaidd's scruffy wolf face is actually his own face, not a mask, so you naturally wouldn't get it with the rest of his armor. To find that missing piece – or, to get it long before you're able to get the rest of his armor – you'll have to head over to where Ranni's quest begins.

First, head to Northwest Liurnia in the area where the three towers called Ranni's Rise, Seluvis's Rise, and Renna's Rise. You can see it on the map below for reference. You'll want to head over to the Seluvis's Rise tower marked accordingly.


The tower is home to the grumpy, uppity sorcerer Seluvis, but we're not concerned with him at the moment. Instead of entering the tower, take a left and you'll notice some rubble along the crumbling portion of a wall that looks like a prime platforming spot for Torrent. Call out your trusty steed and ascend what remains of the wall until you've about circled around to the back of the tower.

There, you'll see a lone body sitting on the remains of the wall with an item waiting to be picked up. That's the Black Wolf Mask, an item described as "a mask fashioned after the head of a black wolf." It's further explained in the description that it was used by an assassin who tried to impersonate Blaidd presumably to get closer to Ranni.


With the mask in hand, you'll have either the first or the last part of Blaidd's armor set depending on where you're at in the game. It has no special qualities that raise attributes or anything else like that, but it looks cool, and that's perhaps even more important than defensive properties when it comes to armor in Elden Ring.