Elgato's Stream Deck Sees Major 2.0 Update, Multiple New Features and Fixes Rolling Out

Attention streamers! Stream Deck just got a major update, and tons of new features are rolling out [...]

Attention streamers! Stream Deck just got a major update, and tons of new features are rolling out right now. Whether you're a seasoned streamer with an audience of millions, or a budding 'Let's Play' personality looking to break into the game for the firs time, Elgato's Stream Deck is one of the best tools you could possibly invest in. It's basically an all-in-one control panel with a series of lighted, customizable hot-keys to which you can assign a variety of functions. You can find our full review right here, but that review was for the Stream Deck as it was at launch. With this latest 2.0 update, Elgato has upped its game considerably.

Obviously there are going to be a number of ho-hum fixes and updates and fixes, but version 2.0 also includes some major additions and requests from streamers like you. More comprehensive integration with OBS will be welcome news for many streamers, and current Stream Deck users will be glad to hear about the Smart Profiles features, which will make diving into your work and your broadcast even faster, and even more seamless. You're here to play great games and entertain your audience, no fiddle with software settings, and now that's easier than it's ever been.

Here's the full list of new features and additions via this morning's press release:

Smart Profiles

  • Stream Deck can now automatically change the profile based on the front-most application. Think Apple's Touch Bar, just cooler!

Multi Device Support

  • 15 keys just don't cut it? Rejoice, you can now use multiple Stream Decks on the same PC! Unlimited actions just became...even more unlimited?

Streamlabs Integration

  • Complete control of all of all of your Streamlabs widgets has never been easier. Eight new actions let you mute alerts, reset your tip jar and much more. API level integration ensures your Stream Deck and Streamlabs Dashboard stay in sync throughout.

Dedicated Record & Stream Actions for OBS

  • Our quest to make hotkeys a thing of the past continues. Start and stop recordings and livestreams in OBS Studio with these new, dedicated actions.

New Firmware with Debouncing

  • Some users have experienced actions being unintentionally executed twice. New firmware solves this issue. Note that you will need to manually update Stream Deck's firmware from the Preferences window.

More Additions and Improvements

  • Elgato sprinkled more good stuff all over the Stream Deck app:

    • New Brightness action: control the brightness of Stream Deck using a dedicated action

    • Preferences window redesigned to accommodate Smart Profiles and multiple devices

    • OBS actions are more reliable following a re-write of Stream Deck's OBS plugin

    • A '0 Minutes (Any followers)' option has been added to the Twitch Followers Chat action

    • Exporting profiles has been fine tuned to be more reliable

I love to sing Elgato's praises, because its products are a major reason I was able to break into the gaming industry and pursue the job that I have now. If you're looking to start recording or streaming games yourself, you can check out their products here.