Elijah Wood Says Grand Theft Auto Should Be Made Into a Movie or Series

Actor Elijah Wood joined the ranks of the many people who want to see more of Grand Theft Auto [...]

Actor Elijah Wood joined the ranks of the many people who want to see more of Grand Theft Auto this week by voicing his support for a film or TV series adaptation of Rockstar Games' biggest franchise. He said the Grand Theft Auto universe as a whole "lends itself beautifully" to some sort of adaptation be that on the big screen or in people's homes. He mentioned a couple of directions that could take, too, including an older Grand Theft Auto game as well as the one that's been dominating for years now.

Wood was a guest on a Hot Ones episode this week, the show where celebrity guests try exceptionally spicy foods and talk about a number of different topics. At the 9:26 mark in the episode below after some of Wood's past involvements in video games were mentioned, he was asked if there a game he thought was "especially right for a screenplay adaptation." Grand Theft Auto was his first and only answer.

"The universe of GTA lends itself beautifully to a screen adaptation or a TV show," Wood said. "I mean, I think, Vice City could be amazing, although that already is sort of inspired by Miami Vice. But GTA V I mean, the kinds of characters that are present within the context of that game very much lends itself, either to a film or a TV series. That would be amazing."

It's true that a GTA movie hasn't happened yet, nor has a TV series, but it's not as if people haven't talked about it. Take-Two Interactive CEO and chairman Strauss Zelnick spoke about the idea of a GTA adaptation years ago and said the company's never tried to make a GTA movie. His comments boiled down to saying that the studio specialized in games, not movies, and working with someone else to have them make the movie would mean relinquishing at least partial control of "the most valuable intellectual property ever created by mankind."

Afterwards, Wood also spoke positively about the new Resident Evil movie projects. While he didn't name one specifically, it appears he was referring to Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the live-action Resident Evil movie that's supposed to be invoking themes and moments akin to those found in the first two games. Wood said the existing line of Resident Evil movies didn't lean as much on the aesthetic of the game and that he was "very keen" on the new movie since it appears to do so.