Xbox Wants Elon Musk to Make a Halo Warthog With Tesla

Elon Musk revealed only a few days back that he's a pretty big fan of the Halo series. The well-known businessman said that it's the only game he's ever spurned his PC to play on a console. Now, in the wake of this information, it looks like the powers that be over at Xbox are looking to capitalize on it.

In a recent message on Twitter from Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager of Marketing at Xbox, it was said that Musk needs to look to make some sort of Halo collaboration transpire with Tesla, the car company that Musk runs. Musk himself didn't end up replying to the tweet, but fans in the replies were definitely keen on the idea. Greenberg himself also asserted via hashtags that the crossover should somehow involve Tesla's Cybertruck and the Warthog from Halo.

In a subsequent tweet, Greenberg made it clear that nothing between Xbox and Tesla is currently in the works, but he encouraged fans to make their voices heard in the hope that something could change. "So if you like the idea, speak up and maybe something in the future could happen, who knows!?" Greenberg said in a follow-up message.

As for what a collaboration between Halo and Tesla would even look like, well, it's hard to say. An iteration of the Cybertruck that is meant to resemble the Warthog from Halo makes a lot of sense on paper, but it's also something that I'm not certain would work in reality. Then again, both the Cybertruck and Warthog do look pretty similar, so maybe this would be easier to make happen than you would think. Even if this did somehow end up coming to fruition, though, it's surely not something that would ever be produced for the masses.


Regardless of the specifics, would you like to see Halo and Tesla somehow collaborate if Musk decided that he liked the idea? Let me know what you think either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.