Epic Games Store Teases Long-Awaited Feature

One of the biggest complaints that fans have had about the Epic Games Store over the past few [...]

One of the biggest complaints that fans have had about the Epic Games Store over the past few years is that it doesn't offer as many features when compared to other digital marketplaces. While Epic has been slow to add major updates to the platform over time, it looks like 2021 could finally be the year in which some long-awaited additions finally are added to the storefront.

In a recent blog on Epic's website, some of the plans for the Epic Games Store over the course of the coming year were detailed. Epic said that one of its biggest goals for EGS this year is to make it a more desirable platform for developers to publish their games on. "We want a smooth, seamless experience for developers looking to bring their titles to the Epic Games Store," the blog post explained. As a whole, this will then allow customers to be able to purchase even more games rather than having to go elsewhere to buy a game.

While this was a key feature that Epic focused on, the company also said it wants to improve the customer experience that much more. As such, further enhancements to Achievements and Wishlist features are said to be coming. In addition, Epic is also looking to improve the social experience on EGS as a whole and is looking to bring about some tweaks to player profiles as well.

Perhaps most importantly, though, Epic also slyly teased that one of the most-requested features for the Epic Games Store should be coming soon as well. While not outright mentioned, Epic ended its post with an emoji of shopping cart followed by a question mark. This looks to indicate that a shopping cart feature will finally be heading to the Epic Games Store at some time in the future. At this point, games can't be added to a larger cart on the platform and instead have to be purchased one by one. Many EGS users have been asking for a fix to this for quite some time and it looks like those requests will finally be answered.

At this point in time, Epic hasn't given a specific timeline in regards to when these features might be formally added to the marketplace. We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled though for more information and will keep you in the loop here on ComicBook.com moving forward.

So how do you feel about these future changes to the Epic Games Store? And what else would you like to see the platform tweak in the future? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.