Evil Dead: The Game Shows Best Look Yet at Free Army of Darkness Map

Evil Dead: The Game's first post-launch map comes from the Army of Darkness film in the Evil Dead series, and this week, players got their best look yet at the spooky setting demons and survivors will travers when it's added this summer. The map in question is called "Castle Kandar," and according to the creators of the game, we'll soon hear more about not only this map but also the update that accompanies it and when all of that will be released.

The last time we saw Castle Kandar, it was previewed merely through some concept art that showed early ideas for what it might look like. Those concepts have now transformed into the real deal with the Evil Dead: The Game team showing off the images below this week that provide two different shots of Castle Kandar. Both of these images were captured in-game, according to the tweet.

While Evil Dead: The Game does indeed have a season pass that guarantees future content to those who purchased the add-on, you won't need that to get this new map. Just as the Evil Dead: The Game developers said previously back when this map was teased prior to the reveal, this map will be free for players regardless of what version of the game they own.

Evil Dead: The Game already had a solid foundation for not only an asymmetrical game but also an adaptation of such a popular property, and as we mentioned in our review, it'll continue to come down to things like this next map and future DLC to see if it can keep up the pace of quick responses and fresh content.

"Despite its jagged, toothy edges, Evil Dead: The Game remains one of the more pleasant surprises of this year so far," an excerpt from our review read. "Gripes are pushed to the background when you possess a survivor and use them against their team or rend a Deadite to bits with a chainsaw and even with some movement hang-ups on both teams, every match plays out relatively smoothly. If Saber Interactive keeps up with community feedback and delivers more DLC down the line, Evil Dead: The Game could solidify itself as one of the truly great asymmetrical horror experiences."

Evil Dead: The Game's new map does not yet have a release date, but we should get that soon enough.