Evil Dead: The Game Previews Army of Darkness DLC

Evil Dead: The Game is close but not quite out yet, though that hasn't stopped the developers from offering a preview of what's to come with a fresh look at some DLC planned for the game. The "early concept art images" as they're described via the game's social accounts showed off Castle Kandar from Army of Darkness, the third movie in the Evil Dead series. It wasn't specified when that DLC would be released, though the game's creators said this is "one of many groovy DLC updates" that are in the works.

That concept art can be seen below for those who might've missed it from the game's socials this week. It does look like truly early concept art just as it's described in the tweet with only parts of different Castle Kandar shown alongside a blueprint of sorts showing off a broader look at the map.

Alongside the release of one of the past trailers for the game, we got our first look at some of the different editions of Evil Dead: The Game and the contents they'd include. Those different versions mentioned plans for at least "4 DLC packs" coming to the new Evil Dead game. It's worth noting that the tweet above referred to this Army of Darkness content as one of the "DLC updates," so it's unclear if this is a free update or a paid DLC, but it's probably the latter.

What's more, it also wasn't specified if this was a DLC solely focused on Army of Darkness since the developers have not yet laid out their plans for those releases. The game already has Army of Darkness content included in it through things like the pre-order outfits which consist of an S-mart Employee cosmetic and a Gallant Knight outfit for Ash Williams.

Evil Dead: The Game has suffered more than one delay following the first reveal of its gameplay from around this time last year, but it's finally now approaching its release date of May 13th. A roadmap reveal is probable after that to give a better idea of when these DLCs will be released, but if nothing else, people can rest assured knowing there are at least four DLC packs on the way.