Evil Dead: The Game Revealed at The Game Awards

During The Game Awards 2020, Evil Dead: The Game was revealed for current and next-gen consoles! [...]

During The Game Awards 2020, Evil Dead: The Game was revealed for current and next-gen consoles! While rumors about the game had been circulating prior to the show, this is the first official reveal for the game. As of this writing, information on Evil Dead is quite limited, but the title will feature the likeness of Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams, and appears to be a third-person survival-horror game. The trailer features a number of different villain types, and it looks very promising for fans of the classic film series. Hopefully, the game will be able to live-up to that promise!

The trailer does not give much information about how the game will play, but Ash can be seen among multiple other characters from the series. Whether or not that might hint at some type of online co-op play (as in games like Friday the 13th), is hard to say for certain until further details are announced. Readers can judge for themselves by checking out the trailer, which can be found in the Tweet embedded below!

Prior to tonight's announcement, there had been a lot of speculation regarding Evil Dead gaming news. For quite some time, rumors have been circulating about Ash Williams possibly appearing as a DLC character in Mortal Kombat 11, but those have not panned out, as of this writing. Evil Dead: The Game might not be quite what fans of NetherRealm's fighter had been hoping for, but it might be even more exciting for fans of Evil Dead!

It has not yet been confirmed whether or not Bruce Campbell will be voicing his character in the game, but Campbell had previously teased an Evil Dead game was in the works, so it would not be surprising to see the actor reprise his role. The actor clearly has a lot of love for Ash Williams, so fans can likely expect to see him appear.

Evil Dead: The Game is set to release in 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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