Fall Guys Bug Turns Wins Into Tragic Losses

Fall Guys players who are lucky enough to make it to the game’s final rounds already survived plenty of pitfalls on their way to a win, but there appears to be a bug affecting one of the game modes that adds one final obstacle to the Episodes. Within the Fall Mountain Finals map where players have to climb an uphill obstacle course before grabbing a crown at the end, there’s an issue players have spotted that prevents them from grabbing the crown entirely. The result is that players climb up the crown instead while they look on in despair as someone else grabs the crown to win without experiencing the same bug.

Perhaps you’ve fallen victim to this bug yourself in Fall Guys, but if not, you can see the unfortunate circumstances that unfold on Fall Mountain below. A player by the name of Jengaman 64 shared the clip on the Fall Guys subreddit to show them climbing up the mountain and arriving at the crown only to find the crown ungrabbable. Climbable, yes, but not grabbable.

WORST LOSS in Fall Guys History. Calling it now! (Loud) from r/FallGuysGame

That’s not the only example of this sort of thing happening either. Another player shared a similar video joking about how anything and everything can go wrong in a Fall Guys match by saying that even when you’ve won, you still sometimes lose.

Even when you’re about to win, you still lose. from r/FallGuysGame

The bug appears to deal with where players are grabbing the crown. You can use the grab function to grab onto ledges in some circumstances, and it looks like the game sometimes interprets a player's grab on the crown as them trying to climb it instead.


To Fall Guys’ credit, the bug is a pretty infrequent one since there aren’t a lot of players saying it’s happened to them, but some have said they’ve experienced it as well. Anecdotally, I’ve never experienced it in Fall Guys after numerous trips to Fall Mountain, but it’s clear it’s affecting at lest some percentage of games no matter how small.

Fall Guys has been battling server issues lately which have kept many people from playing at all, but this bug will hopefully be resolved sooner rather than later to give players those victories they’ve earned at the end of Fall Mountain.