Fall Guys Is Giving Away Free Crowns

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic is giving away some free Crowns, and all it asks for in return are opinions from players and the time it takes to share those opinions. The developer announced this week that it’s opened up a new survey for Fall Guys players to take which is something that’s been offered in the past, but this time, players can earn five free Crowns for their troubles. On top of that, your opinions may help shape the future of Fall Guys throughout the game’s next few seasons.

To take the survey, all you have to do is head to the link shared below by the official Fall Guys Twitter account and start voicing your opinions on different Fall Guys topics. The most important part of the survey is accurately sharing your unique ID to make sure you get the Crowns, so fire up Fall Guys beforehand to make sure you’re submitting the right information that’s required.

Once in the survey, you’ll see a few basic questions to first establish your demographic such as how old you are and how often you play Fall Guys. Deeper in the survey, you’ll start to see questions asking how much you cared about the collaboration skins for organizations and people like MrBeast. Questions about future seasons also look to find out what kinds of Rounds players enjoy most and want to see more of. One question listed a number of different categories ranging from races to puzzles to “Player Grabbing Rounds” to see what people wanted beyond Season 3.

Another interesting question asked what kinds of new features players wanted from Fall Guys. While it was made clear these could be implemented in the “maybe the distant future or the never gonna happen future,” they presented some interesting ideas that would shake up Fall Guys. Player stats, cross-play ranked leagues, split screen, tournaments, creator mode, a “Squads Mode,” and voice or video chat were just a few of the potential features listed within the survey.

Once you’ve completed the survey, Mediatonic said to plan on getting your Crowns within a week of submitting your answers, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see them added to your account right away.