'Fallout 76' Players Are Helping Out Newcomers By Acting Like NPCs

Fallout 76 is finally here and players can take to those country roads by their lonesome or with [...]

Fallout 76 is finally here and players can take to those country roads by their lonesome or with friends for the very first time in the franchise's history. Though Bethesda is doing things a bit differently with the Wasteland, gamers everywhere are back at it once more with a pocket full of stimpaks and a dream for a better forture.

Since the online playstyle is new to the franchise and the Fallout franchise has been previously known for its incredible narrative, it's understandable that some players would be apprehensive about jumping in solo. Luckily, the gaming community can be pretty freaking rad (radiation jokes, huzzah) sometimes and some players are helping out newcomers by acting like helpful NPCs to help get that West Virginia groove on.

Enter in 'Many A True Nerd', a known YouTuber that has gotten quite the reputation for beating challenging games without ever taking a moment to heal himself. Now that he's venturing into the Wasteland, his new goal is to help other Fallout 76 players - including newcomers to the franchise - acclimate to the online environment. Since he's been playing since beta and that progress carried over, he's already got a nice supply of of gear that he's acquired.

Since this game is pretty heavy on the survival (you can starve, die of thirst, etc), he's been going around to new camps and offering free weapons, armor, clean water, and more to help people get back up on their feet. This act of in-game kindness inspired others, as the trend continued over with other players as well and quickly gained traction on Reddit.

From building meeting areas for players to safely hang out in, to just offering much-needed ammo, this is one reason that the online aspect of Fallout is so awesome - it's expanding the already loyal community even farther and allowing fans of the beloved franchise to meet other fans as well.

Plus, you can play banjos and meet the Mothman. 'Nuff said.

Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Have you gotten into the game yet? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and tell us your thoughts so far on the latest entry.