Fallout 76's Treasure Event Returns for the First Time in Months

Fallout 76 players who've been itching to go after some Mole Miners and take the loot gathered by the creatures finally have the chance to do so once more with the return of the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event. This event is one that's appeared several times throughout the course of various Fallout 76 events and special weekends, but it's been a while since it's been live in the game. Regardless of when it last appeared, it's live from now until March 28th with players able to score extra loot during that timeframe.

According to the community calendars released for Fallout 76 that track different events as they take place throughout each season, the last time this event took place was on January 13th. It happened at the same time as a Double Mutations Weekend, and according to the more recent community calendar which covers March up until June, the Double Mutations event is running again at the same time as the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event this weekend.

The latest Inside the Vault post from Bethesda makes no mention of the Double Mutations event running this weekend, but it does highlight the more interactive Mole Miner event that's indeed going on. It began on March 24th, so if you didn't catch it at the start, you're a bit behind, but that still leaves plenty of time to gather Mole Miner Pails and score some loot.

"Each Treasure Hunter you topple will drop a legendary item and a Mole Miner Pail, which you can open to reclaim some their scavenged loot for yourself," Bethesda said about this event that should be pretty familiar to Fallout 76 players by now if you've been around for a few seasons." If you're after even more loot, you can craft your own Mole Miner Pails by purchasing Empty Pails from your local train station vendor for a few Caps, and then filling them up at any Tinker's Workbench. Treasure Hunter Mole Miners won't stay above ground for long, so make sure to track down as many as you can before they haul their bounties back into the depths of the earth."

The next notable event after this one is Minerva's Big Sale which takes place on April 7th. Hunt for the Treasure Hunter won't be back until June 2nd, so be sure to take advantage of the event while you can before it's over.